F.E.A.R 2-Project Origin

24 12 2009

Best game I have ever seen. I am currently watching a Let’s play on it. I want to play it SO much.  Every time  I see a game I like I get my friend to check it out, she usually likes it and gets it so we can crash at her house and play all night! I thought Silent Hill 4: The Room, was freaky, no. This game is awesome. I mean what’s better than a little girl that’s covered in blood and disappears, then pops up in your face? It’s a good survival horror game, if you like those. Great animation and game-play. If you have played this game and you would like to find others that are similar than you can check out:

F.E.A.R (Series)

The Silent Hill (series):

Silent Hill

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 4 : the room

Silent Hill Homecoming

Project Zero/Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame (Series) :

Fatal Frame 2 : Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame 3 : The Tormented

Fatal Frame 4 :  Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Haunting Ground/Demento

The Clock Tower (Series)

Clock Tower 1-3

Resident Evil (Series):

(To many to list)

Left 4 Dead Series

Doom (Series)

Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit


Killing Floor

Well those are all the ones we’ve played so have fun! I hope this helps if you need some games!




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