End starts

23 12 2009

What fruit are you? Haha. I love the artist who did this. She’s great! (She is the model in ALL the pictures.)

It’s very cold today. Hah. I’m all wrapped up in my blankets. 🙂 NO WORK TODAY! Yay! I’m so happy! Just cleaning and relaxing today. Maybe going into town later. Who knows? Can’t wait for the Saturday after Christmas. I get to finally high-light my hair. Thank goodness. Yesterday at work I watched nothing but Law & Order : SVU. I didn’t know that whole series was on children investigations.  Not that, thats bad or anything it’s just I got waaay to into it and everytime a customer came in I had to turn it off. 😦  I don’t think they wanted to hear the things going on in the episodes.  Well that’s about it.

Listening to – Pussycat dolls – The end starts


Make a deal with God

22 12 2009

Haha.  I love Shane Dawson. He’s a great funny guy. I hope he gets better soon.  Even though he’s sick, his video’s still kick ass. Anyway, my mom is freaking out that her cat is missing for like a hour. Silly woman. She loves her cats a little to much sometimes. Well, Christmas is like two days away if you take away today. Speaking of which today, work sucked. Went by fast though. well I’m borede so I’m going to end this. Bye bye!

Listening to – Placebo – Running up that hill

Nothing important

21 12 2009

I feel like shit. (Excuse me for that.) Well that is it.

Listening to – Placebo – Running up that hill.

You’re out of milk.

21 12 2009

Sorry I just HAD to post that picture. It made me laugh my face off. Haha. Oh! If you can’t read the bottom part it says “(By the way you’re out of milk.)”  I really liked that.

Anyway, I hear that Brittany Murphy died. I’m very sorry to hear that, I didn’t know anything about her so I can’t say I’m one of the ones who is really depressed about it, but in a matter of respect and human feeling I am still sad. For a woman to die at 35 of cardiac arrest is quite sad and shows that you should live your life for every second of everyday.

On to happier news it is a day closer to Christmas and today is actually Winter Solcetice/Yule. If  any of you care about that. I hope you guys who got someone a Christmas present will like it, same goes for you guys!  So happy holidays and stay warm out there guys!

Listening to- Boys Like Girls – 5 minutes to midnight.

Technicolor Kisses

14 12 2009

Hey, sorry it’s been a while since I posted. a lot has been going on. I just found out about an hour ago, that one of my over-seas friends was just hit my a car and is in the hospital. All my other friends are with him right now. But there is nothing I can do. Sadly, but another wonderful I just learned is that my grandmother has cancer for the 4th or 5th time, but this time in her back. My skin has been all funny. Nothing really that bad happening to me, but to everyone around me, yeah.

Good news, Christmas is almost here! And if your Jewish Happy Hannikah! This year should be a very thankful special year. I can’t wait for New Years! I have a good new year resolution! It probably won’t work but I have faith! So anyway, for all you guys:

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year and may all your family and friends be all happy and thankful as well!

Credit for picture goes to : http://www.flickr.com/photos/kat_v 

Check out her other pictures! 🙂

Your Daily Fix

22 11 2009


Is it just me or is everyone I know latley been breaking up with everyone. I don’t understand, it’s like a disease that’s going around. when will it stop? I get tired of having to help people with depression. Or having to give them advise! I mean I’m good at stuff like that, but it gets old after a while. You know?  Anyway, just giving the heads up. Don’t let a lover get you down.


18 11 2009

Wow, that’s sad. I swear he writes waaaay to many songs about that girl. I mean why can’t he just get over her? Sad. Happy though he did it, now everyone knows her. Haha, she dererves it. Stupid bitch for sleeping with 10 other people in their relationship. Oh wait, no actually 11. I forgot the other tennis “pal”.

Anyway anough ranting. So yeah, I haven’t been here lately. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff. OH! I finally finished my book! So sad. Ending is great I think I did a good job. I’m going to fix a lot of it. I’m also starting a new one. It’s called “Heartstrings”. It’s about a french gothic victorian circus. It takes place in 1875. The main character is a young woman named “Ring master” she has a hidden circus full of “freaks”. That is until someone of roylaity joins them. Very depressing character wise. But also very touching. I’ll post it later!

Speaking of books, I am currently reading a Agatha Christie book, it’s very very good. It’s I think her first book, it’s called “Endless NIght.” I love it! Maybe because it’s about Gipsy’s! Anyway bye bye!